Gino Spadaro, Feb. 13, 2017 

Johnny Manziel is eyeing a comeback to the National Football League. Yes, you read that correctly. The former Heisman Trophy Award winner and 1st round draft pick is seeking another opportunity to prove that he is capable of being a good NFL QB and a responsible human being.

Manziel’s career didn’t exactly start the way he envisioned it, completing 57% of his passes with 7 TD’s and 7 INT’s and a QBR of 31.36 in 15 games with the Cleveland Browns. Manziel, in two seasons with the Browns, started 8 games and finished with a record of 2-6.

Manziel, as some predicted, had many off-the-field issues, having trouble with partying and staying sober. Though plenty of athletes go out and enjoy themselves, Manziel always seemed to find his way onto the internet, ending up on numerous videos and drawing unneeded attention to himself and the Browns organization. After his first season, Manziel entered “rehab” and convinced many people, such as fans, teammates and coaches that he was sober and had his priorities straight. But sure enough, during the next season more videos of Manziel drinking and partying surfaced and eventually led to the Browns cutting ties with him at the end of the season.

Now, a year removed from the game, Manziel is eyeing a return to the NFL. In a recent Instagram post, Manziel claims he is sober and has motivation to fix his image. “A day later it’s January 12 and I’m Dime City bound once again. Broken, Humbled, but for once in my life thankful for that day and 18 so far sober with a clear head on my shoulders. All I have is today and we’ll take this thing a day at a time for as long as it takes.” Said Manziel in an Instagram post from Jan. 22 of him working out with QB guru, George Whitfield.

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Manziel, since then, has posted other pictures on Instagram of him working out with Whitfield and others, and for now, seems to be serious.

I, for one, am a firm believer in multiple chances at righting your wrongs, and I do want to see Manziel succeed. He has the arm talent and athleticism necessary to succeed in the NFL, and as long as he proves he is a responsible man with a good head on his shoulders, I don’t see why he wont get another chance.

But should we believe him?

That’s the question GM’s around the league will be asking themselves when deciding whether or not they should give Manziel another shot.