#1. Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett, EDGE, Texas A&M

  • The list of needs for this organization could fill newspapers for days but to me, Myles Garrett is a no brainer here. In a division where the Quarterbacks and offenses are respectable and can do damage, pass rush is at a premium for the Browns. Near dead last in the league in sacks (26) Garrett’s natural athleticism and bending ability would provide the necessary pressure Cleveland needs to be successful in the AFC North, now you’re probably asking “They drafted Ogbah and Nassib, and signed Collins; do they need another pass rusher?” My response is depth in pass rushing could very well be the reason why we watched Atlanta give up a 25 pt. Super Bowl lead. It’s important.


#2. San Francisco 49ers – Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

  • With Colin Kaepernick seemingly out of the Bay area this spring, Kyle Shanahan and company will need to select a QB to move forward and get this storied franchise back on track. Shanahan has succeeded with various types of QBs in this league that range from Matt Ryan to guys like Robert Griffin III mainly due to the excellence of his playcalling. I’m of the belief that Mitch Trubisky is athletic and accurate enough to play in Shanahan’s system. A sturdy run game led by Carlos Hyde should provide a start to a young core in San Francisco. With that being said, this year’s draft and offseason should be dedicated to making the transition for this duo (Tribusky and Shanahan) with new weapons and an improved run defense.

#3. Chicago Bears – Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

  • The fear of drafting Deshaun Watson around the league confuses me. Two spectacular performances against college football’s most NFL comparable defense in the biggest stage college football has to offer should warrant some respect. Watson’s mobility in the pocket can make a lot of Offensive Line mistakes right, he’s got the arm and accuracy to push the ball downfield from time to time. Analyst have called him the “Anti-Cutler” Watson has shown passion and the will to win on many occasions. And when the Godfather of college football (Nick Saban) says that planning for you, is like planning for Cam Newton, you’re special.

#4. Jacksonville Jaguars – Johnathan Allen, DT/DE, Alabama

  • Keeping with the trend of the Jaguars over the last few drafts, beefing up their defense with young talent like last seasons gem, Jalen Ramsey, why not draft the best interior pass rusher in this years draft? Allen has all the tools to be in a class with the likes of Aaron Donald, Geno Atkins, and Gerald McCoy. Johnathan Allen and Yannick Ngakoue can provide young talent in the Jacksonville front seven as the new regime attempts to bring the Jags back to AFC South competitiveness.

#5. Tennessee Titans – Jamal Adams, S, LSU

  • Tennessee has a chance to hit a home run here with Jamal Adams. Adams’ play recognition and aggressiveness in the run game can significantly help the Titans overall success; His ability to cover tight ends can be valuable when thinking about the top Tight Ends in AFC (Eifert, Gronkowski, Kelce)

#6. New York Jets – Derek Barnett, EDGE, Tennessee

  • The Jets have a lot of issues, but an issue that can easily be addressed is the pass rush, they could reach for a corner here if they want but I see the edge setting pass rusher out of Tennessee being a great fit for the Jets, they run enought 4 down lineman and 3-4 sets to where Barnett could fit in and be productive right away.

#7. Los Angeles Chargers –Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State

  • After Eric Weddle left for Baltimore the Chargers have been looking for Safeties to be the play maker that he was. Malik Hooker may very well be the best play making defensive player in this year’s draft. He can do it all, often compared to Ed Reed, Hooker is a true ball hawking safety and also contributes wonderfully in the run game. The only thing keeping him lower than Jamal Adams is the offseason hernia surgery.

#8. Carolina Panthers – Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama 

  • Carolina could use a Tackle in this spot and I believe they take one here. Unfortunately there’s a lot of speculation out on how good Cam Robinson is, I’ve seen him rated from Top Ten to even late first round. But Cam Newton needs to be protected so if they feel that Robinson is the best option they’ll pull the trigger, keeping Newton upright is the first step for Carolina to get back to February.

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Solomon Thomas, EDGE, Stanford

  • Good ol Cincy, 5 straight playoff appearances the Bengals took a step back, partially in part of the fact that the defense has yet to fill the gaping hole of a needed pass rusher that’s been there for years. They have neglected to address these issues and find their once promising window closing as what was a young core is aging. Solomon Thomas is a dominant pass rusher from the PAC-12, uses his hands as well as anybody in the country and has great speed and bend. Thomas shined in the bowl game against North Carolina and shows that he has every tool needed to get the Bengals defense back to AFC North prominence.

10. Buffalo Bills – Rueben Foster, ILB, Alabama 

  • Buffalo has a great core of players defensively, a stunner of a season from Lorenzo Alexander and solid play from Kyle Williams you’d think that the Bills were gonna be dominant. Zach Brown earned his way out of Buffalo thanks to a 149 tackle, pro bowl year and Reggie Ragland coming back from a Torn ACL the newly transitioning 4-3 defense could be golden for the fast flowing, fluid ILB out of Alabama Rueben Foster. Foster is one of the most entertaining players on film this season, he consistently beats RBs to the edge on an angle and reads plays with the intelligence of a professor. Not to mention he’s the best cover LB in this years draft. The new regime in Buffalo would be very wise to take Foster if he falls to 10.

11. New Orleans Saints – Sidney Jones, CB, Washington

  • New Orleans has issues all over the defense. Since the Super Bowl year they have struggled to recooperate that playmaking defense. Sidney Jones is a true legitimate cover corner to complement Delvin Breaux in the N.O. The Saints need a gritty and tough player like Jones to take that defense out of the ranks of the incompetent.

12. Cleveland Browns – Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin

  • The Cleveland Browns QB situation last season was part fault of the QBs and the awful pass protection. Austin Pazstor and Cam Erving were two liabilities of the Browns that hindered any form of success that the Quarterback could’ve had. Ryan Ramcyzk of Wisconsin is a pure bruiser of a Tackle. He was very solid this season in pass protection and opened many holes for Corey Clement to waltz through, if that translates to the next level Cleveland forsure will win more than one game.

13. Arizona Cardinals – Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt

  • SEC Talent does in fact go further than the blue bloods of the conference. Zach Cunningham is a pure prototype ILB that is as dynamic as they come. A true three down Linebacker he has the strength to take on blocks and the athleticism to cover TEs. Arizona could address their need for a playmaking linebacker right here at pic 13.



14. Indianapolis Colts – Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU

  •  #FreeAndrewLuck will start navigating its way around the state of Indiana if new GM Chris Ballard and company don’t get this man help immediately. It seems like an eternity ago that we saw the Colts in the AFC Championship game. They have a lot of needs but helping Luck should be the first of all of them. Leonard Fournette is a special talent that can help all 32 teams. This part of the draft is when best player available is huge and the Colts would be benefited greatly by taking Fournette in this spot.

15. Philadelphia Eagles – Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio 

  • You’re probably looking at this and wondering why there isn’t a WR listed as Carson Wentz and company struggled all season trying to figure things out offensively. That is all true, but I believe where the Eagles could hit most right here is in the secondary. Philly is DESPERATE for productive DBs and Marshon Lattimore can fill in immediately and help Jim Schwartz’s defense. Lattimore’s foot speed and pure athleticism will be a breath of fresh air in Philadelphia after getting torched on multiple occasions this past season.

16. Baltimore Ravens – Tim Williams, EDGE, Alabama 

  • During this past season I came up with the phrase: “Death, taxes, and Tim Williams off the edge on third down”. That’s a perfect description of the value of what Williams brings to the table. Terrell Suggs closing out his Hall of Fame caliber career would be complemented lovely by Williams coming in and reeking havoc for the AFC North QBs. Although the off the field issues may scare GMs I would hate to pass up on a natural pass rusher like Tim Williams.


17. Washington Redskins – Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan

  • Offensively, Washington has a lot of questions heading into the offseason. Expiring contracts of their starting QB and two WRs (Cousins, Garcon, and Jackson), Jay Gruden and company has a lot of decisions to make. If the first 16 GMs pass on Corey Davis then Washington will have a gem fall right into their lap. It seemed as though each week Davis improved as a route runner and got more fluid as a reciever. Although he has random drops, Davis is an elite talent in this years draft.

18. Tennessee Titans – OJ Howard, TE, Alabama

  • The Titans are a team on the rise as you saw this past season. The next step for them is making Marcus Mariota a QB that can stretch the ball downfield at any given time. OJ Howard was by far the most explosive TE in the last two seasons. And to solidify his place he attended the Senior Bowl and had a tremendous week when his narrative was already cemented. He loves ball and showed that he’ll work for any team when he gets the opportunity. He’s as athletic of a recieving tight end as we’ve seen in recent years and he’s an extremely solid blocker out on the edge.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mike Williams, WR, Clemson

  • Tampa Bay is a very solid team as it is, but they go as far as Jameis Winston is willing to take them. With that said moving forward providing him with weapons and making his life easier will send Tampa Bay back to the postseason. Losing Vincent Jackson a hole could easily be filled by Mike Williams, a strong and powerful wideout at the point of attack who excels at creating seperation in one on one situations. Not a burner but definitely fast enough to spread the field for Jameis and complement Mike Evans.

20. Denver Broncos – Taylor Moton, OT/G, Western Michigan

  • Denver has to figure some things out offensively, is Trevor Siemian the guy? Do they get Tony Romo? Regardless of who it is, he needs to be protected, with two of the top Tackles gone and no true guard worthy of being a first round pick in my opinion; Elway and company should go to the MAC and pick up Taylor Moton. He shined to me all week watching him at the Senior Bowl, he is skilled in both the passing game and on the ground. For the NFL, Moton has versatile size and could be a player who is a valuable competitor at guard or tackle early in his career.

21. Detroit Lions – Jaleel Johnson, DT, Iowa

  • Detroit has yet to repair the losses of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley, Haloti Ngata is aging and hasn’t been what he was in Baltimore. Enter Jaleel Johnson, I believe his ceiling is as high as any of the top Defensive Linemen in this years draft. Elite at the point of attack and strong in defending the gap. Also obtains the closing speed to effect an opponents passing game. Johnson is a legitimate bulldozer that the Lions could defintely use.

22. Miami Dolphins – Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama

  • Dre Kirkpatrick and Dee Milliner haven’t exactly lived up to the “Alabama DB” moniker they had in college, that might scare off some GMs, but the Dolphins desperately need some help in the secondary. Tony Lippett, a converted DB from WR, hasn’t exactly replaced the loss of Brent Grimes. Marlon Humprhey has the skill set to match up with all shapes and sizes of wideouts and cancels hope for seperation in tight situations. He must improve with his ball skills to be a top tier corner in this league but he has the tools and mentality to be a starter in this league.

23. New York Giants – Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State

  • The New York Giants, on paper, should be way more dynamic than they are. Weapons galor on the perimeter, and a respectable Offensive Line out side of Ereck Flowers (Good lord…); they are built for success. Dalvin Cook who in my eyes was the best RB in the country last year, and it showed in the bowl game, is a perfect dual threar RB to help Eli close his career out and open up more opportunity for Odell and company.

24. Oakland Raiders – Jalen Tabor, CB, Florida

  • If the Raiders want any chance at making last season a common theme then they need to invest in play making DBs their secondary and pass rush never seemed to be on the same wavelengh last season and Khalil can’t expect to do it all by himself. Teez Tabor, although a gambler, can be that Charles Woodson type playmaker in the secondary the Raiders have been looking for.

25. Houston Texans – Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech

  • 70+ million dollars….For Brock Osweiler, that has to depress the fans and front office in Houston. With little true NEED any where else the Texans have formed a solid team that can make a run in the playoffs with better QB production, in what may be the reach of the draft Patrick Mahomes coming from an Air-Raid system can push the ball down the field for Bill Obrien and the Texans. With shaky decision making at times Mahomes has shown that he can make the Big Boy throws when needed. It’s a reach, but then again the Rookie of the Year last season was taken in the 4th…

26. Seattle Seahawks – Jabrill Peppers, ATH, Michigan

  • Peppers is by far the hardest player in this years batch of top talent to grade. Often asking myself what can he play at an elite level? But one thing we do know is that whatever he does he’ll do it fast. Peppers can give any defense a versatile player to toy around with and use. He’s a playmaker and an athlete and Seattle would love to utilize that talent in their defense.

27. Kansas City Chiefs – Taco Charlton, EDGE, Michigan 

  • Watching Charlton play, Carlos Dunlap couldn’t get out of my head; lenghty, strong. But with Taco I noticed more athleticsm and consistency. The Chiefs need a lot on defense. Tamba Hali isn’t getting younger and Justin Houston’s knees are cause to pause. I think Charlton provides a young talent in the pass rush to keep KC at the top of the AFC Standings

28. Dallas Cowboys – Takkarist Mckinely, EDGE, UCLA

  • The Cowboys need a pass rusher, whether its from drug related suspensions or domestic violence issues, this team can never seem to have a consistent pass rusher on the roster. Tak Mckinely would be a cornerstone for years on that front seven if taken here at 28. Basically immune to cut blocks, Mckinely’s block recognition is one of the best I have seen in my analysis this season. At 265 if he runs his 4.62 as projected, his draft stock should rise like a crescendo.

29. Green Bay Packers – Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State

  • Green Bay’s issues in the secondary are beyond issues, teams all year were having their way with the depleted CBs of the Packers. After Sam Shields went down with what may be a career ending injury, the quality of what used to be a Super Bowl winning defense plummeted. Gareon Conley’s draft stock rose for me after an up and down 2015 campaign. He has the athleticsm and skill set to be a solid corner for this team.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers –  Charles Harris, EDGE, Missouri

  • It seems like every we find ourselves looking at a versatile edge rusher to be the next great Steeler. Bud Dupree hasn’t busted on to the scene like they’d hope and Jarvis Jones has been ineffective; all while the 76 year old James Harrison continues his quest for Canton. Charles Harris screams Steeler, he would be an excellent fit as a 3-4 outside linebacker. He has a good body type for that. He could also stay at a 4-3 defensive end. The jury is out on his athleticism but after the combine all questions about the former Zou Tiger will be answered

31. Atlanta Falcons – Malik Mcdowell, DT, Michigan State

  • Atlanta’s pass rush under Dan Quinn’s play calling was superb in 2016, the league leader in sacks in Vic Beasley, and getting prodcution out of role players the Falcons seemed to have figured out their pressure issues over the past few seasons….Until the 4th Quarter of the super bowl. Malik Mcdowell is an extremely talented and gap responsible defensive lineman that can cause havoc throughout the NFC South. This also allows the rotation to get deeper and 25 point leads to feel more comfortable.

32. New England Patriots – Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida

  • The Super Bowl champions can always use some depth in their secondary, the team plays such good team defense that they can plug in just about anybody. With solid corner stones in Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler, Florida’s Quincy Wilson would be a perfect plus coverage addition to an already stingy defense. His lengthy frame and sub 4.5 speed allows him to be versatile in coverage and matchups.