Catrell Simpson: February 26, 2017

The New Orleans Pelicans recently made the biggest move of the season by making a blockbuster trade to land DeMarcus Cousins from Sacramento. The trade should help them reach the playoffs this season, but they aren’t a real threat to any of the top contenders in the West. There are a handful of big names set to hit free agency in the summer, and the Pelicans should go after one or two guys.

Bring Chris Paul back to New Orleans. The Clippers could easily break up the gang with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and JJ Redick set to be free agents in the summer. It might be time for a change in scenery for CP3. He’s been with the Clippers since 2011, and he still has yet to make it past the 2nd round. With Jrue Holiday also set to hit free agency, Paul could come in and be the perfect replacement to help distribute the ball to his two all star big men.

Gordon Hayward is another guy that would be on my radar. Hayward could provide wing help that the Pelicans desperately need. He is someone who can create his own shot. He just made his first all-star team and if he were to sign with New Orleans, they would have a legitimate big 3 that could contend with just about anybody.

This would probably be a long shot, but I would definitely give Dwyane Wade’s agent a call. He is a veteran that could provide the team with leadership, and he’s a guard that can create his own offense. His homecoming to Chicago hasn’t nearly went as planned. His career is coming to an end sometime soon, but I’m sure he has one more championship run left in him. Adding Wade and a point guard would make the Pelicans one of the best in the West.

These 3 names would be very beneficial for the Pelicans to sign. Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Kyle Lowry are also scheduled to be free agents, but I can’t see them hitting the market because their teams should have extensions for them before the end of the season. I’m not sure if the Pelicans will be able to resign Boogie in 2018, so 2017 really might be the last time in the near future to contend for their first championship in franchise history.

I bet the Pelicans will make some moves in free agency, but they won’t make that big splash because it would just make too much sense.