Catrell Simpson: March 12th, 2017

Right now is the best time in all of college  sports, March Madness. Every year you have millions of people who fill out brackets, some of which who don’t even follow college basketball. Now take a second and imagine if we had that in college football. That would be just as big, if not bigger, than March Madness.

NCAA has made a start in the right direction by turning the old BCS system into a 4-team playoff. With so many great teams in college football, how is it possible to narrow it down to the 4 best teams. What if there was 3 one loss teams that are fighting for the last spot? Two deserving teams would get left out. Just last season we saw the BIG Ten Champs, Penn State, get left out of the playoff, and they beat one of the teams that made it, in Ohio State. Think about back when TCU and Boise State were in the championship contender talks. We got robbed of seeing them face teams like Alabama or Ohio State. Teams from a non-Power 5 school have a hard time of making the playoff. Luckily, I have a solution that would change all of that.

A 16-team playoff would be the answer. You can have all 11 conference champions earn an automatic bid to the playoff, and you can have the committee decide on the next best 5 Wild Card teams to make it. With a system like this, you would give teams like Western Michigan, who won their conference and finished the regular season undefeated, a shot at a National Championship. Still using Western Michigan as an example, they proved in their bowl game that a mid major school can compete with a great Power 5 school .

People like the idea of a 4-team playoff because of the length of the college football season. My response against that would be to shorten the season. Take away the cupcake games in the season. In reality those games mean nothing, neither team gets better, and the only good outcome is that those smaller schools make good money off of those games. With the regular season cut by 3 or 4 games, the players will not be overworked by the time the playoffs starts.

Personally, I think this is a great idea, but it would make too much sense to expand the playoff and get as many good teams in as you can.