Nyck Grayson –  April 12th, 2017:

In a class largely considered weak at the Quarterback position, todays edition of ‘Two Weeks of Talent’ features a QB from the SEC that may make a team very happy late in the draft:



Name: Joshua Dobbs

Height: 6’3

Weight: 219

Hand Size: 9 1/4

Forty Yard Dash: 4.64

Credentials: *Winning the job over Nathan Peterman’s (who transferred to Pitt) midway through the 2014 season*

2014: 112-177, 1206 yards, 9 TDs 6 INTs

2015: 205-344, 2261 yards, 15 TDs 5 INTs

2016: 225-357, 2946 yards 27 TDs 15 INTs


Joshua Dobbs is an interesting QB prospect to me for a variety of different reasons. It seems as if I’m higher on him than most draft analyst. I mean let’s look at it, two and a half year starter on an underachieving but solid Tennessee Volunteer team. The offense put Dobbs into a position that forced him into being a dual threat with Jalen Hurd and Alvin Kamara in the backfield, which is probably why most don’t see him higher on draft boards. Dobbs showed glimpses of what I consider a competent downfield passer that can push the football. 


giphy (11).gif

Dobbs has a weird part of his game that I find might be beneficial for him at the next level, throughout his career he was more accurate of a passer down the seams of the defense than he was in short routes. Showing that ability on film would offer him more flexibility with the playbook if called upon in a backup situation.

giphy (12).gif

I hate the term “mobile QB” because I think it pigeon holes prospects into certain skillsets and makes the the market for their ability. It’s almost like a weakness in most cases. Regardless I believe there is always value in the ability to move the football down the field no matter the source. Dobbs is a great running threat and has even received some comparisons to Cam Newton in that regard.


giphy (13).gif

Josh gets absolutely no help from the receiver here but this is a terrific throw down the field on the boundary. The ball placement protects the receiver if caught, and he does a great job holding the Safety in the center of the field with his eyes for long enough.


giphy (14).gif

Dobbs went on to throw an INT to lose this game in Double OT but this play late in the 4th is impressive to me. Texas A&M DC John Chavis dials up an all out blitz in attempt to close the game out and Dobbs uses a great level of pocket patience and poise to hit Kamara on the check down to tie it up late. 


In my opinion Dobbs translates to a very capable backup QB in the league and over the last few seasons the value of that role has never been more apparent. He’s confident in his ability to learn the full extent of just about any offense and would allow an Offensive Coordinator to hand him a deeper extent of a playbook; which would help the offensive circuit to flow from starter to backup. To me, to draft Dobbs in the 4th-5th round would provide tons of value to his team.

Comparison: N/A but teams and scouts have noted that Dobbs has to potential to be the 2017 Dak Prescott if drafted to similar circumstances.