Catrell Simpson: May 4th, 2017

Josh Gordon has repeatedly been given chance after chance by the Browns and has done nothing but let the fans and organization down. Reports keep coming out that bridges have been burned by the two sides, but I am not buying into that story.

If the Browns wanted to rid themselves of Gordon, why hasn’t he been released yet? The Browns wasted no time getting rid of guys like Donte Whitner and Paul Kruger last season and Gary Barnidge this season the day after the draft. If Gordon isn’t in the plans for next year, why didn’t the Browns take a WR earlier in the draft or go after a better name in free agency? They signed Kenny Britt, but let Terrell Pryor walk. Even if you don’t have any intentions of playing him, why wouldn’t you hold on to him for at lease trade bait? Teams have inquired about Gordon on several different occasions, so that is a situation where the Browns would be in a position to at least get something for him.

You might be wondering ”what about his recent snapchat story bashing the Browns?”. I don’t have the real answer. What I do know is that Gordon has never been afraid to speak what was on his mind, and we saw that first hand when he wrote a letter about Stephen A. Smith’s negative comments. Maybe he feels the Browns haven’t done enough to help him get reinstated. Maybe there is confusion on his current contract and he thought the Browns didn’t pay him enough. No one really knows what prompted him to do it, but the images were later deleted.

Flash Gordon

As you see from the picture above, Josh Gordon looks to be in pretty good shape. He has posted pictures like this and others of him working out on his Instagram. He applied for reinstatement into the league on March 1st and is still waiting to receive an answer. As quiet as it is kept, I believe this new Moneyball front office has a plan, and Gordon is apart of it.

We all know about the Gordon’s flaws in the past. In 2013, he has his first substance abuse suspension and was suspended 2 games. In 2014, he was arrested for driving impaired and suspended for 10 games. In 2015, Gordon tested positive for alcohol and was given a year long suspension. As for 2016, reports came out that he failed yet another drug test. He was on track to only miss the first 4 games on the 2016 season, but one week before his reinstatement he checked himself into rehab which ended his hopes of a return.

Now we haven’t seen Gordon play in 2 full seasons, but I believe the talent is still there. A talent like his doesn’t just vanish. When on the field, he was the best WR the Browns have seen in the last 10 years. The Browns have been through it all with Gordon, and now that there is light at the end of the tunnel, it wouldn’t make sense to let him go.