June 28th, 2017; Nyck Grayson:

Alright enough is enough. The NHL and NBA seasons have come to a close and we’re trying to pry our eyes open to stay awake for the first half of the current MLB regular season. With that said we’re a little more than a month away from being able to actively discuss the upcoming 2017-2018 college and NFL seasons. This past April we watched a very talented group of rookies get selected. This season’s group isn’t much different, I’ve decided to start this series with my Top 5 prospects:


Harold Landry, Boston College, EDGE


Height: 6’3

Weight: 250 lbs.


Career Defensive Statistics
2014 13 6 5 11 1.5 4 0 0 0 0
2015 12 37 23 60 15.5 69 0 3 1 0
2016 13 34 17 51 22.0 152 5 7 0 0
Total 38 77 45 122 39.0 225 5 10 1 0

Who is Harold Landry?: Landry first caught my eye during the Week 2 matchup against UMASS and instantly fell in love with his tape. Landry doesn’t jump off the screen physically with a relative human size of 6’3 250 pounds. With that said there is room for added strength and weight to compete at the next level. This current lack of size doesn’t hold Landry back from being one of the better run stoppers in the country. But the aspect of Landry’s game that’s going to make him a million is his ability to rush the passer. Leading the nation in sacks in 2016 with 16.5, Landry will go into next years draft as one of the most coveted prospects at the EDGE position.


This is pure textbook shoulder dip and bend from Landry. His natural ability to turn the corner while keeping his balance all while becoming an almost impossible to block will make his final season at Boston College a successful one.



Okay lets break down this thing of beauty. First let’s praise the block recognition, the ability to avoid the cut quickly. Then let’s realize that the transition from the Cut Evasion to getting his eyes up in time to intercept the screen shows superb athleticism.  



One more angle shouldn’t hurt you guys right? I mean look at this.


Every team in the NFL wants a demon you can unleash on the third and long and say, “Go get em.” Harold Landry will be that guy for the Boston College Eagles in his senior campaign, and for one of your teams in the 2018-2019 NFL Season.


Stats were acquired from: http://bceagles.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=9328